Better Temporary Tattoos

  • Award winning hand drawn designs
  • Apply in minutes - look amazing immediately - instant gratification!
  • Perfect placement every time - Goof Proof Application
  • Our proprietary gel - makes your temporary tattoo look real
  • Remover Included - easy, no hassle and gentle
  • Color and black and white designs

Everyone has a twisted side - but expressing your madness without losing your job, your friends or your HOA Lawn Committee status has always been tricky - until now!

Introducing FibINK - eye-catching, unique, temporary tattoos that look real and don't shine like some sticker given out by a daycare teacher for successful napping.

FibINK features unique, exclusive designs by real artists who get fed, paid and treated like humans. With more designs being created every day - you'll never run out of attention grabbing new ways to unleash your inner badass.

Less than a minute to apply and more than a week to enjoy - unless you start getting stinkeye from the normals, in which case, FibINK's easy gentle remover has you covered. It's great to express yourself AND have a rewind button. Unveil your twisted side, but leave its leash on.

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